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After 60 years of thrilling finishes, international media attention, and over 1.2 million dollars raised for scholarships, Freewheels 60 - The Sixty Year History of the Little 500, documents the history of the “The World’s Greatest College Weekend.”

This film brings together many of the dramatic moments the Little 500 has produced over the past 60 years, as well as focusing on the character of people which the race produces, and the significant spirit and tradition that has placed the Little 500 at the heart of Indiana University.

Freewheels 60 is a 4 hour Double DVD set featuring over 70 race finishes, 80 personal interviews, and behind the scenes footage of the 1979 Academy Award winning film Breaking Away. A vast array of Interviews range from winners of the first race, to the courageous women who attempted to qualify in the men's race and subsequently spearheaded the effort to form a race of their own, to the poignant last filmed interview of Howdy Wilcox, creator of the race.

Freewheels 60 – The Sixty Year History of the Little 500, is produced, directed and distributed by IU alumnus and Little 500 Champion Kendall Harnett (’89). Harnett has worked on many national commercial spots, including serial television work with Fox and the Discovery Channel, and has also shot several feature films. He is currently making documentaries and teaching film in Maine.

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